Work packages


The CABCIN central objective is to strengthen the capacity and quality of teaching at partner HEIs in India by the establishment of Capacity Building Centers (CBC) at each Indian university.
This CABCIN project will directly address a key priority, namely improving the quality of teaching in Indian HEIs, including cooperation with EU HEIs and increasing internationalization.
In order to achieve this aim, following outcomes of the project will be outlined:

  • In the first phase training staff will be trained in order to deliver trainings for academic staff.
  • In the second phase EU partners will develop the map of teaching competencies in order to prepare and conduct tailor made trainings for teaching staff focused on pedagogical skills.
  • In the third phase CBCs will be established and equipped with e-learning platform. CABCIN partners will develop four e-learning modules based on an innovative model of course production. These modules will be a repository of exemplary material showing sustainable solutions with innovative methodologies and ICT tools. Use of the e-learning modules will allow trainers to explore new ways of developing teaching competencies. Trainers will use simulations and animations to develop teacher’s pedagogical skills, as well as other key skills of teaching effectiveness.
  • As the last phase selected trained academic staff will to apply gained skills in international context, through participating in European Visiting Program and delivering guest lectures for EU students. The CBCs will generate sustainable solution of this kind in India and contribute to transfers of innovation and knowledge across regional, institutional and sectoral boundaries.