Wider Objective:

To strengthen the capacity and quality of teaching at partner HEIs in India by the establishment of educational centers.

The target goal of establishing the Capacity Building Centers is to offer an initial and continuous training for current and future university teachers with focus on pedagogical skills with ICT use. This will be done through preparing selected staff to conduct high-quality and innovative face-to-face, as well as e-learning courses, deliver feedback and resources to make excellent teaching possible.


Specific Project Objectives are:

  • To create campuswide teaching culture by establishment the Capacity Building Centers with open and flexible access to its e-learning resources
  • To build own capacity by preparing  selected staff towards delivering trainings for academics
  • To develop map of key teaching competencies in order to design tailormade courses for current and future university teaching staff
  • To develop key selfregulation and self-managing competencies for teaching staff in order to overcome the obstacles that they face during the teaching process by preparing teaching programs with focus on pedagogical skill
  • To enlarge number of trained staff by implementing innovative blended courses with ICT use
  • To create possibility of applying gained skills and building international teaching and research networks by developing European Visiting Program