Work Packages

WP 1 Management: Project management and consortium coordination

Deliverable 1.1. Project Management Plan established

Deliverable 1.2. Project reporting system established

Lead Organisation: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology


WP 2 Preparation: Implementing Train-the-Trainer program (TTT)

Deliverable 2.1. training staff selected

Deliverable 2.3. E-learning course "Developing e-learning courses and activities" prepared

Deliverable 2.4. Train-the-Trainers program (TTT) conducted

Lead Organisation: Frederick University (Cyprus)


WP 3 Development: Establishing the program for improving teaching skills with ICT use

Deliverable 3.1. Pedagogical competency assessment survey prepared (PCAS)

Deliverable 3.2. Training subjects identified

Deliverable 3.3. Training materials for teaching staff prepared

Deliverable 3.4. Training program for teaching staff conducted

Lead Organisation: Wroclaw University of Science and  Technology (Poland)


WP 4 Development: Establishment of the Capacity Building Centers

Deliverable 4.1. The CBC web platform with learning materials developed

Deliverable 4.2. The CBC Development Plan prepared

Deliverable 4.3. E-learning courses developed

Lead Organisation: Ghent University (Belgium)


WP 5 Development: Establishment the European Visiting Program (EVP)

Deliverable 5.1. The European Visiting Program for Indian staff conducted

Lead Organisation: Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)


WP 6 Quality Plan: Quality Control, Evaluation and Monitoring

Deliverable 6.1. Evaluation reports established

Deliverable 6.2. Quality Plan established and executed

Lead Organisation: Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia)

WP 7 Dissemination and Exploitation: Dissemination and knowledge transmission
Deliverable 7.1. Dissemination Plan developed
Deliverable 7.2. Dissemination tools developed
Deliverable 7.3. Dissemination activities undertaken
Lead Organisation: Parul University (India)