Sub themes

New Trends in Trainings Methods, Approaches and Tools

World is changing rapidly and so are the needs of students. This sub-theme concerns the new and upcoming trends in the field of training. Innovative techniques, various news methods, online & offline tools etc., being adopted by the trainers in today’s competitive environment are covered in this sub-theme.


Teaching with Technology

Technology has become a major part of students’ lives today. Using technology students are able to grasp concepts more rapidly, hence it has become a part the classroom. Trainers and Teachers use various tools from audio-visual presentations to interactive simulations for enhancing the teaching & learning experience. This sub-theme covers the advances and implementations in such technologies used for teaching to reach educational goals more effectively and efficiently.


Developing Trainers Soft Skills

Soft Skills are one of the most important aspects of being a trainer. Effective dissemination of the possessed knowledge to the trainees is vital to achieve the desired outcomes. This sub-theme covers all the aspects related to soft-skills development among trainers.


Assessing Teaching and Learning

Evaluating what a student has learned takes time & effort, but a well-designed tests coupled with consistent grading measures provide students with valuable information about what and how they are learning. It is very important to provide timely and effective feedback to students. This would help them learn better, enhance their performance, and develop cognitive skills. This sub-theme covers all aspects in this domain of evaluating and assessment.


Designing Training Programs and Curricula for Trainings
The first and the most important any training program is framing the program and curricula. This sub-theme covers the innovations and advances in designing of Aims, methods, assessments, outcomes etc for the targeted trainees.