Pedagogical Skills Development - Teacher Professional Development

The world is changing rapidly, as are the teaching methods and needs of the students. This sub-theme concerns with the training of teachers and enhancing their pedagogical skills that would cater to them delivering quality education to the students. It includes, but not limited to, new training programs, training methods, pedagogical experiments, active learning, soft skills etc.


ICT in Teaching - New Perspectives in Teaching

Information and Communication Technology has changed the way we do business, live our lives and connect with people around the world. This sub-theme concerns with, but is not limited to, the new applications of ICT in Teaching, new tools and technologies that can be used for teaching, teachers’ / students’ perception of ICT and similar topics.


Capacity Centers Management - Leadership and Management

Centre for professional development or capacity development is an important pillar for enhancing competences of teachers as well as professionals. This sub-theme deals with the role of leaders, managers and administrators for such centers. This includes, but is not limited to methodologies, protocols, plans, activities, roles, competences etc for the leadership and management of such centres.


International Network Building - Role of Internationalization in HEI

Jobs or businesses of tomorrow would require professionals who can cope up with the global challenges. International exposure is one of the most important factors for it. This sub-theme concerns with, but is not limited to, international co-operation between institutions, impact of internationalization on higher education institutions, scope and efforts for international tie-ups, activities etc.