# AU: Work Package 3 - Module 3 Training

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Work Package 3

Establishing the program for improving teaching skills with ICT use

Module 3

Personal Development and Intellectual Honesty

Trainers from: - Trainers from Universidade Nova De Lisboa, Portugal


Training Program Venues & Dates

Amity University, India: 17 September to 21 September 2018


  • Topics Covered
    • Intellectual honesty:
      • Dimensions of intellectual honesty
      • principles and values
      • dilemmatic situations
      • decision making
      • Beyond plagiarism
      • Teaching and learning approaches for intellectual honesty in higher education
    • Personal and professional development:
      • Principles of active listening
      • Feedback principles and strategies
      • Coaching principles and strategies
      • Team building exercises
    • Personal development plan aligned with the institutional mission
      • Reflection on the institutional mission
    • The importance of individual and team roles