TTT: Developing e-learning courses and activities

In days 21st November – 1st December 2017 first module of the Train-The-Trainer program will be conducted in India for selected participants.

The course titled “Developing e-learning courses and activities” will be delivered by the trainer from WUST.

Trainees will learn how to plan and develop e-learning courses and activities, how to effectively use an e-learning platform in teaching and, how to set the roles and create various activities, share online courses with multimedia, tasks and quizzes.

Work Package 4 Meeting - Ahmedabad, India, 21-22 September 2017

Establishment of the Capacity Building Centers (CBC)
Venue: SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research, Ahmedabad, India

During the meeting a discussion was carried out on establishing the CBC web platform, developing CBC plan and developing e-learning courses. All involved partners shared their expectations, possibilities.

The main discussion was about technical specifications of the equipment, verifying assumptions to establish the centre according to the screening document and designing e-learning platform.

Train-The-Trainer development program

In days 18-20 September 2017 European partners (WUST, GU, FU) have conducted interviews with the candidates for the position of the trainer in the capacity building centres.

Together we have interviewed more that 55 candidates and finally selected 30 trainers who will participate in the Train-The-Trainer development program.

Work Package 2 Meeting, Nicosia, Cyprus, 6-7 July 2017

Implementing Train-the-Trainer program (TTT) – Work Package 2 meeting
Venue: Frederick University, Nikosia, Cyprus

During the meeting we were discussing selection process of trainers as well as content of the modules to be delivered within the TTT program. Four modules will be developed: the e-learning module, and the Soft skills in HE module, the Interactive instructional strategies in HE module and the Developing a curriculum for HE module.

KickOff Meeting of the CABCIN project Vadodara, India, 20-22 March 2017

KickOff meeting of the CABCIN project
Venue: Parul University, Vadodara, India

We have officially launched our project together with all consortium partners. After official opening on the first day all partners presented their universities.

On the second day project coordinator dr Kamila Ludwikowska presented the CABCIN project, its objectives, schedule, work packages and deliverables.