TTT: Interactive instructional strategies in Higher Education​

January 16 - 26, 2018 the next module of the Train The Trainer program concerning “Develop interactive learning” will be delivered. ​

By the end of this module: - Participants create metaplan activities to foster shared experiences among learners.
- Participants can create a large number of questions/task/activities that reflect the full range in Bloom’s taxonomy.
- Competence videos are developed on the base of a script pointing out steps in competence implementation, next to a focus on socio-motivational elements.
- Videos are used to assess interactively the competence mastery in terms of students’ perceptions, interpretations and decisions.
- Peer assessment activities are set up on the base of rubrics.
- Collaborative learning activities are designed and implemented, respecting scripting, roles and other structuring solutions.
- As an extension of collaborative learning both peer tutoring and student learning activities can be designed.
- Teachers develop mindmaps or can invoke mindmapping in their students.
- A basic flipped classroom design is developed and implemented.

Feedback is given to students or invoked between students to direct the formative learning processes.